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Have you ever come across someone and just felt like this person is made for love, accolades, or they are just simply classy? Is this because their choice of fashion just brings out a form of emotion in you?

According to a recent survey by, About 20 percent of the observed people find the color green more attractive than any other color, Little wonder we have a touch of green on the logo. :)  . OK that wasn't intentional.  

Tightly followed are shades of Blue, Hazel, and gray with no attempt of the color black making a contention of becoming a favorite, yet we know a lot of people have more plain black apparels than any other single color, well at least a touch of it.

Could this be because we are secretly shy of admitting the things we really love, like in school those days, where we actually do not admit we have a crush on a particular person.

Personally, I find myself attracted to a touch of blue, perhaps royal blue or dark blue, never sky blue, however we have had some customers jokingly mention they have witnessed an increase in accolades from the opposite gender from wearing a particular brand or design they might have bought from us previously.

In any case, I think it is very important to know the right apparel, footwear or wristwatches that will fit your body shape and make you look more confident, which I dare tell it to you now is the single most attractive apparel anyone can put on.


Let it be known, we don’t just sell shoes, or watches or clothes, we sell a full package of confidence and uniqueness.

So whether you choose to buy this “BROWN LEATHER TWO STEP SLIPPERS WITH GOLD DETAILS”, “The Governors T-Torn Design” or this “Aquatic Scale Skin Half Shoes”.

What really matters is the confidence you are packing with it, because here at we sell great shoes because we have great customers.

You are the star actor in the movie of your moments. Own It Gracefully..


Let us know if you need more of this.

From your favorite always



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