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Why Invest in Quality Leather Goods

Let us go back to the very beginning of time, in the bible when Adam and Eve had to leave the garden of Eden, they made clothes out of leaves to cover their nakedness. However, it is recorded that God stopped them and made garments for them out of slain animal skin (Leather) in place of the leaves.

Well to put it in simple terms, nothing can substitute quality leather. Please refer to Genesis 3. Yes, we know bible too :).

There was a time in the history of mankind, where a large portion of the apparel that was worn by the warriors of that time was actually leather. This was done mostly because soldiers had to travel incredibly long distances sometimes in freezing temperatures, to achieve their desired goal and the natural characteristic of leather to keep warm against cold was proven effective to them at the time. This feature is still available today with real leather jackets, although our styles have evolved way different compared to what Spartacus was wearing. lol.

In addition to that, leather was also a shield against enemy weapons, i.e. including swords, spears and arrows, helping to turn definite fatal cases into recoverable, although sometimes life changing wounds, so that soldier could live to fight again or be useful in some sort.

In Africa, leather is also seen visibly worn by the Mysterious Hyena Men of northern Nigeria, just in case the animal attacks, the leather will protect the trainer from any serious damage, bear in mind an average hyena’s bite is stronger than an average lion’s bite. Don’t believe us, look it up.

Can you see why real animal skin leather is a definitely must have by anyone who wants to be taken serious in the world of quality? For this reason only sells high quality leather on its promoted leather goods.

Heck even history supports you getting leather. It is your obligation to own at least one leather apparel at any given time.

Leather is gotten from dead animal skin, which means you will probably notice a few marks obtained from the animal during its lifetime, this marks will be visible or not, depending on the sophistication of  the tannery used, and if the richly grained upper has been shaved a layer for smooth finish you might not notice the marks. However the leathers that tend to show these imperfect marks are usually high quality leathers are highly sorted for top currency by its connoisseur.

The feel of leather is unique in a sense that it has pores and breathes as per it is a “skin”, whereas other materials like synthetic or “man made leather” might tend to have a more rubbery feel to them. This however is a stretch because some leathers do have a rubbery feel, not because they are not quality but mostly because of the finish from the tannery. Some leathers like patent in particular are usually glossy and feel like they look.

Another tell-tale sign of leather is in its unique smell, this smell, if you know you know,  however I must add that most quality leathers have a higher burning point than synthetic or man made leather, that melts even at the sight of any form of heat. Moreover when leather burns, it smells almost like a barbeque house or an abattoir, the smell of burning skin.

Most of the leathers we use in our everyday goods are calf skin, which are basically adolescent cows, as they produce some of the best materials on our wears, although we have other materials such as crocodile skin, snakes skin, horse skin, ostrich skin, some aquatic mammals and other exotic materials that are sold on



Buying leather goods are essential and the stores you buy them from are equally important, it is better to buy your leather goods from trusted stores, handmade leather goods are prime tenants of the gentleman’s wardrobe, however you want a store to meet you with the high quality and not necessarily break your wallet.

Hence why we suggest as they tend to focus on the quality and finish while making it affordable to everybody.

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